The first of three collections highlighting in spectacular detail, extraordinary old growth bristlecone pine trees in their best known habitats.

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 ( lat. First ) 

PRIMO  a  five thousand year old living monument to longevity is anchored to dolomite rock at elevations where clouds are formed. Exposed and devoid of nutrients, Primo grows a mere one inch each century.



( lat. Perseverance )

CONSTANTIA is surrounded by one of the most spectacular vistas on earth. This family of ancients have held to arid ground for over three thousand years, surviving on the southern most fringes of the Great Basin region.


( lat. Founder ) 

SATOR a four thousand year old majestic tree, germinated in a zone where soil and nutrients are more prevalent than that of it's counterparts, resulting in greater mass and stature.     



( lat. Grandfather )

 AVO , clings to dolomite rock alive, resilient, and full of life. A master of germination, with new growth century after century. It's leaves composed of  five needle fascicles each taking 30 years to mature and fall.


( lat. Soldier ) 

CENTURIO, anchored at the base of a rocky glacier, is a model of strength and character. Protected by surrounding canyon walls, this young bristle cone pine points it's eldest branches to the stars. A majestic being at the beginning of a life with no end in sight.


( lat. Gold )

AURUM  is an ancient sentinel whose exterior bark has been stripped over millennia by high altitude hurricane force winds and debris, exposing a one of a kind sculpted golden core.



( lat. Family ) 

COGNATIO , a wind swept sculpted family of ancients, whose branches direct us upward. A group of Bristlecone trees that live thousands of years inside the Great Basin national park in Nevada, the darkest point in the continental United States.


(lat. Custodian of the Fallen )

CUSTOS NECO, stands as a living memorial to the "Prometheus" Tree, the most notable of all bristlecone pine trees. Tragically felled in 1964, Prometheus was discovered to have been the oldest known living organisim on earth. It's remains are  visible in the foreground of this piece.