Aeon COLOR renders works that focus on the vibrant life cycle of the bristlecone pine tree

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( lat. Twisted ) 

TORTO  grows at the base of what once was a sea bed, thrust upwards by unimaginable geological forces. having lived for thousands of years.


BELLUS ( lat. Beautiful ) is nestled in a narrow glacial canyon inside the Great Basin National Park. The canyon walls in surround have shielded BELLUS emerging through centuries of time in extraordinary shape. 


 ( lat. Man )

VIR is a miracle of life giving a glimpse to the future. This male bristlecone bloom, bursts from its four thousand year old host filled with color and vibrancy.


 ( lat. Female )


FEMELLAa magnificent female bristlecone bloom bursts with life. Her pollen filled strands are bearers of life, yielding seeds that cheat death with every passing generation.


 ( lat. Painter )

PICTOR takes root at the edge of a precipice, enveloped by vistas that puzzle the mind. It is a wonder of survival, shaped by the same extraordinary forces that carved the canyons and amphitheaters that surround it .